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The Revenant

a.k.a. The Nightmare Detective

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Name:The Revenant
Location:United States of America
He is the Nightmare Detective.

He is the figure that looms out of the fog and vanishes into the shadows.

He is the hunter in the night, and those predators who would abuse their power over others are in turn his prey.

He is swift, and cunning, and resourceful.

He is justice.

He is a heck of a nice guy if you meet him socially.

* * * * * *

From the PS238 Roleplaying Game:

First and most importantly, he genuinely wants to protect the helpless and innocent from evildoers, villains and thugs.

Secondly, he sees himself as sort of a 'check on the powerful', as Dr. Positron puts it. He thinks that superhumans aren't often as aware of their effect on the world as they should be, and one of his roles as a costumed vigilante is to make sure they don't abuse their power or cause more harm than good.

Third, he simply gets a real kick out of action and adventure. He loves being able to drive through city traffic at 125 miles per hour, jump off of tall buildings, and defeat people many times stronger and tougher than he is.

* * * * * *

The Revenant is an unpowered vigilante, or gadget-hero. He has an extensive arsenal of nifty little devices, including a combination grappling unit/dart gun and his preferred mêlée weapon, the shock-rod. More importantly, he is highly observant, has a network of valuable contacts, and is skilled with computers.

Despite his ghostly theme and the spooky mystique he's cultivated, he's entirely cheerful and friendly unless given reason to be otherwise, and is probably the most well-adjusted person you've ever encountered. Nevertheless, he is far more concerned with the execution of justice than he is with strict obedience to the law; as a result, he is wanted for questioning in thirty-three states and is the only superhero to have made the FBI's Ten Most Wanted list. But you can trust him absolutely with your kids.

He has a number of secret lairs, and even more alter egos. Whether he even has a true secret identity is open to debate.

Physically, he is tall and muscular, but that's really all that can be determined, because his costume covers absolutely everything but his eyes. (Even those are difficult to see clearly, but may be spotted as green in the right light.) His mask and cloak are midnight blue, his suit is darkish blue-gray, and the accessories are mostly charcoal gray. His voice is a low baritone, and is usually mellow and quite pleasant...

The Revenant hails from the short story Peer Review by Michael Stackpole and the comic book PS238 by Aaron Williams. He appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [info]milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.
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